Paperboy With Lyrics feat. The Konami Kode (NES - Main Theme)

from What if This CD​.​.​. Had Lyrics? by Brentalfloss



Boston-based video game cover band The Konami Kode teams up with brentalfloss to add more funk, soul, and mojo to the NES Paperboy theme than you thought possible.


[Spoken intro]

Don’t you know me? I’m your paperboy.
Throwing bundles of newspaper joy,
This neighborhood’s a loony bin
I’d rather throw the news in Compton
If you live here, you’re probably crazy
Lock your dog up, stop that baby!

I’m on duty, it’s all about discipline
Please don’t strike me with that rolling pin
I sometimes miss when I throw
Sorry I broke your window

Can’t maneuver on a drainage ditch
Cars don’t stop here, they’ll just hit a bitch

[Instrumental break]

Can’t stop riding, it’s just what I do
My bike pedals are glazed with superglue
I’m on my bike, perpetually
I lay in bed, bike lays with me

On this side street, rules are strict and tight
New subscribers, paint your house white
I have nightmares, shaking at the wheel
Then I wake up and do it for real

Now faulty aim may occur, sorry I threw the paper at a car and killed your father
Now it’s Sunday, I am done, I’m out
Fuck these nutbags, fuck this paper route
I’m gonna get a job at Wal-mart.


from What if This CD​.​.​. Had Lyrics?, released April 26, 2010
Music by Hal Canon and Mark Cooksey
Accompaniment by The Konami Kode


all rights reserved



Brentalfloss Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Brent "Brentalfloss" Black is a musician, comedian, and gamer who is best known for adding lyrics to classic video game tunes in his Youtube-based "With Lyrics" series.

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